Rafting + Canyoning Package

Canyoning in Bovec

Canyoning is probably the best adrenaline activity Bovec can offer. Canyoning is traveling through canyons using a variety of techniques. That may include outdoor activities such as walkingclimbingjumpingabseiling and swimming. During the activity you will try to overcome different obstacles like waterfalls and natural toboggans, you will jump into the pools and abseil down the slides.

There are few canyoning options in Bovec region, but the best and the most accessible is Sušec canyon. It provides all the best that is expected from canyoning adventure. You jump into the pools, slide down the “natural toboggans”, there is also the “Slide of surprise” and for the finish 12m waterfall for abseiling.

Somewhat more technically demanding but way more interesting is canyoning in the Fratarica canyon. Jumps and slides in this canyon are higher and it is also required the use of rope techniques. The highest waterfall in the canyon is 50m high. Canyoning Fratarica represents the real experience of canyoning and provides you with a full dose of adrenalin. This gorge will not leave indifferent even the biggest adrenaline enthusiasts.

You can also take advantage of our special package, so you can combine canyoning with classic activity – Rafting.

Special Offer: RAFTING + CANYONING = 80€*


* The discount applies to a group of at least four people. This price is not valid in July and August.