General Terms and Conditions

The company DATTiS d.o.o., Mala vas 119, 5230 Bovec (later referred to as The Provider) with its trademark HydroMania – Sports Agency Bovec, adopts the following General terms and conditions. All who cooperate with us or are participants in activities provided by our company shall comply with the general terms and conditions.

Article 1:

Participants in activities are expected to be mentally and physically healthy, in adequate shape, not be under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances and must be adequate swimmers.

Article 2:

Activity participation limitations:

– minimal number of participants: 2 persons,

– children aged 15 or younger must be accompanied by their parents or guardians,

– maksimum weight: women 100 kg, men 120 kg,
– waistline not exceeding 120cm.

Article 3

The Provider advises pregnant women and persons with health issues or injuries against participating in sports activities. All who have issues with asthma, allergies or other health issues (including past injuries) must inform The Provider in advance.

Article 4

The organised sports activity begins when the guests arrive at the meeting point and lasts until the tour is finished which means until they return to the meeting point. The Provider is not liable for any injuries suffered outside the scope of the tour.

Article 5

In case of bad weather or other extreme conditions and circumstances, The Provider reserves the right to at any time cancel an activity that has already commenced. If this is the case, participants are entitled to a partial refund, the sum of which is determined by The Provider.

Article 6

In case the activity is cancelled by the guest after already having received the protective mandatory gear, they are not entitled to a refund. Participants are likewise not entitled to a refund in the case of a shortened or cancelled tour for which the reason is an inadequate physical condition of the participants or the presence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances.

Article 7

All participants are expected to follow the instructions of the guide during the tour at all times. All participants must be aware that disregarding the instructions of the guide during the activity can be extremely dangerous for themselves or the whole group. In case their instructions are disregarded, the guide may cancel the activity at any time. If this is the case, the participants are not entitled to a refund.

Article 8

Any injuries suffered during the tour shall be reported to The Provider’s person responsible until the tour is finished by the latest. The injured person (or their participant in the activity) and the provider’s representative shall in tandem fill out the injury/accident report which the injured person is obliged to sign him/herself (or the injured person’s participant). The Provider’s staff shall offer the injured person suitable first aid or send them to a health-care institution for further examination and treatment. The Provider shall disregard any and all claimed injuries that have been reported after the fact and for which the injury/accident report has not been filled out.

Article 9

The Provider reserves the right to collect photo and video material during the activity. All participants, therefore, agree and allow that The Provider collects and uses the photo and video material for marketing purposes. The photos and videos made by The Provider are, therefore, also the property of the provider.

In case participants do not agree with photo and video material being collected, they must inform the provider in writing and in advance of the chosen activity.

Article 10

The Provider is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings of the participants.

Article 11

The Provider reserves the right to charge any possible damage to or theft or loss of the equipment, items and other things the participants damage during the activity. The Provider’s representative shall determine the sum to be paid.

Article 12

Participants in activities must have the appropriate insurance in order. We recommend the appropriate travel insurance which covers urgent medical assistance, physical injuries, transport to their home country, etc.

Article 13

All participants are aware of the risk posed by each individual activity and participate in the activity completely voluntarily and at their own risk. The associated risks may constitute injuries, illness or death. All participants agree that The Provider and their staff are not liable for any damage to personal belongings, injuries, illness or death of any participants. The Provider is likewise not liable for any possible damages that may be demanded for any reason.

Article 14

Prices for services are listed on the price list given on the website or at the premises of the service provider. The price constitutes the amount to be paid per person for any service. All prices are in Euros (€) and include VAT. The Provider reserves the rights to change the prices.

Article 15

The reservation confirmation prepayment is final and non-refundable. Any changes or cancellations to a scheduled appointment must be made at least 48 hours prior to reserved termin. Failure to do so will result in the guest being liable for covering the organizational costs of the reservation, amounting to 100,00€.

Article 16

The Provider offers the services of rafting, canyoning and kayak trip tours. Other activities on offer are performed in tandem with other companies.

Article 17

The Provider reserves the right to make changes to the General Terms of Operations at any time and in any manner, regardless the reason and without further notice.

Article 18

The Provider protects all obtained personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Article 19

It is expected that all guests who choose any of The Provider’s activities have read and understood the General Terms and entirely agree with them.