Zorbing (also called Zorb, Sphering, Orbing, globe-Riding) is a recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb. The sport originates from New Zealand and is considered a moderate adrenaline activity.

Dou you still remember the times when you slid and rolled down the neighbour’s slope? Well, our zorbing makes it possible to relive this experience with a higher dose of adrenaline.

The zorbing sphere has a diameter of 3m and is made from a special material. There is another sphere inside the main one where there is room for two persons. A Zorbonaut (the person in the zorb sphere) is fixed inside the inner sphere in several places, which ensures that you are supported from all sides during rolling. The persons inside the zorb sphere face each other so you can see the reaction on your friend’s face all the time. A whole lot of fun and laughs are guaranteed while rolling in perfect balance.

Zorbing in Bovec


Apart from zorbing, our agency also organises picnics or team building vents. You can play volleyball, table tennis, badminton, try out your balance while slacklining or just simply play frisbee.

The zorbing orb is an attraction suitable for various team and promotional events. To spice up your special occasion, you can also rent a zorb from us.

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