We have prepared a special challenge for you! Have you ever considered going toe to toe with Martin Strel, our marathon swimmer? Well, now you can!

To make it a bit easier we’ll let you use a special navigable floating board – the hydrospeed, of course, and suit you up in protective wet-suits and flippers.

Hydrospeed on the Soča River is perfect for those who enjoy direct contact with water. Simply put, it is a descent in wild water while swimming with the aid of a floating accessory.

It is a perfect combination of fun and adrenaline!

Hydrospeed on Soča river


Bear in mind that this activity can only be done when the water level is suitably high which is mostly in spring months and after rainy periods. The usual conditions in July, August and September are not optimal for this activity.

Information and bookings: +386 (0)31 808 075 or info@hydromania.si