Kayaking in Slovenia

Kayak on the Soča river

White-water kayaking is experiencing a genuine rebirth in recent years. Kayaking on the Soča River is also becoming ever more popular among visitors of the Bovec Valley. Kayak is an individual sport where your andrenaline-filled trip is guided by playful white-crested waves and rapids of the Soča River.

Soča and Koritnica are Alpine rivers that with their diversity offer excellent kayaking pleasures and opportunities to beginners and experienced kayakers alike. The difficulty levels of the soča River range II.-V., which means you can choose between river sections of various difficulty and try the ones suitable to your skill level.

Kayaking activities in Bovec

Our sports agency offers two classic kayaking activities and a unique program that was prepared explicitly with guests seeking for relaxation and enjoyment in unspoiled nature in mind.

>Kayak Tour on Soča river

PThe first activity is the kayak trip down the Soča River. It is suitable for people who already know the basics of kayaking. We do not emphasise teaching paddling techniques as the focus is on a guided trip for individuals that independently navigate a certain section of the Soča River. The river section to kayak down on is determined according to participants’ wishes and skill level. The approximate length of a section is around 8km.

>Kayak School

The second activity is the kayak school. Participants learn the basics of kayaking or renew and improve their skill level. The kayak school puts emphasis on paddling techniques and the correct implementation of other elements necessary for safe and independent wild water kayaking. You can choose between different lengths of river sections for kayak school.