Canyoning in Soča Valley, Slovenia

Are you in need of a pure adrenaline injection? Do you wish to experience something differentcrazy and unique? You are welcome to join us for Canyoning in Bovec, Slovenia!

Canyoning presents an adrenaline-filled activity which takes place in canyons and gorges of tributaries which feed the Soča River, far away from all the raucous and crowded places of the world. Canyoning is essentially a descent through the canyon while overcoming natural obstacles and barriers. Natural slides and waterfalls over which you jump directly into pools of crystal clear water provide for an extra dose excitement. You are surrounded only by intact nature – definitely a feeling worth experiencing.

Canyoning in Bovec

One has many tributeries suitable for canyoning at their disposal in Slovenian town Bovec and its surroundings. The Sušec gorge is the most popular among guests and although it is not demanding and does not demand any previous experience it still offers first-class adrenaline pleasures.

We recommend canyoning Sušec to everyone who participates in this activity for their first time. The other canyons are more demanding technically as rope techniques are required. Each canyoning adventure begins with a slight ascent towards the spring of the stream and is followed by an adrenaline-filled descent through the gorge full of surprises.

Somewhat more technically demanding but way more interesting is canyoning in the Fratarica canyon. Jumps and slides in this canyon are higher and it is also required the use of rope techniques. The highest waterfall in the canyon is 50m high. Canyoning Fratarica represents the real experience of canyoning and provides you with a full dose of adrenalin. This gorge will not leave indifferent even the biggest adrenaline enthusiasts.